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A $400 Mistake in Jiufen

Traveling in Taiwan, I’m lucky to have Mandarin speakers around me. If it was just me exploring the island, I’m not sure that I would have seen all the things I have so far. I’m grateful for this. That said…

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Bucket Lists

The Ultimate Bucket List of Things to Do in Japan

From the super fast bullet trains to viewing cherry blossoms, there’s so much to experience in Japan. I wanted to start this bucket list as a way of keeping track of the various things I would like to see, eat,…

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Bringing Back the Best Taiyang Bing

Los Angeles has cheese rolls from Porto’s. New York has babka from Zabar’s. Taichung has sun cake? When I first went to Taiwan and asked friends what they wanted me to bring back, time and time again I heard sun…

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Trying the Best Soy Milk in Taiwan

If you want to experience quintessential Taiwanese breakfast, look no further than Fuhang Soy Milk (阜杭豆漿 / fu hang dou jiang). Fuhang is a mainstay in the Zhongzheng District (中正區 / zhong zheng qu) of Taipei. It is located on…

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An Explosion of Flavor: Fivebar Shaved Ice

As I previously mentioned, downtown Hualien is a hotbed of food and shopping all within easy walking distance. After enjoying wontons and the Dongdamen Night Market, we set out to look for dessert. We came across a place called Fivebar…

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Ever Have Muntjac Meat Before?

Before making our way across the street to Liyu Lake, we grabbed a bite to eat at a random restaurant called Lihua Fengwei Restaurant (麗華風味館 / li hua feng wei guan). Lihua is one of around a dozen places to…

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