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Uncovering Lost Spirits at the Best Distillery Tour

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When you think of a distillery tour, what comes to mind? Probably large warehouses with the occasional wooden barrel scattered throughout? Recently, I had the chance to check out Lost Spirits Distillery. Their distillery tour is unlike any I’ve ever been to and quick possibly unlike any out there. Very simply, it’s as if Alice in Wonderland and Pirates of…

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Snowboarding in Lake Tahoe in the Snow

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In my last post, I talked about what it’s like to be in Lake Tahoe during a snowstorm. To get a better feel for the storm I was in, don’t forget to check out this post. Long story short, we almost got snowed in for, at least, another day. In this post, I wanted to expand more on Lake Tahoe…

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The Best Short Hikes on Oahu

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In my last post, I took a look at the best shave ice on Oahu and just how hard it is to say which is definitively the best (all of the shops listed are amazing and more similar than not). The hikes that I’ve been on, on Oahu, have all been beautiful and breathtaking in their own ways. No doubt,…

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The Best Shaved Ice on Oahu

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In Hawai’i, nothing is more synonymous with the islands, food-wise, than shaved ice. Also called shave ice or ice shave, don’t mistake these frozen treats for snow cones. Snow cones often contain coarse pieces of ice and lack toppings. Hawaiian shave ice is also different from the Korean bingsu and Taiwanese shaved snow (雪花冰 / xue hua bing). Both of…