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Whitewater Rafting in California’s Gold Country

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Living in California, there’s no shortage of outdoor adventures a short drive away, including skiing in the Sierras and beachside waterfalls. I have a whole list of things I still need to do in my proverbial backyard. One of those items I recently checked off my list was whitewater rafting. To experience whitewater rafting, my friends and I drove a…

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Uncovering Gems Across the California Coast

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After checking out the magnificent Fern Canyon, my friends and I traveled back towards San Francisco Bay Area. Along the way, made a couple of stops—because how could we not? Here are a few highlights along the way. Loleta Cheese Factory Located a short drive south of Eureka, California is a town called Loleta. With almost 800 people as of…

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Jumping Back in Time on the Fern Canyon Trail

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Close to the border of California and Oregon, a short drive north of Eureka California, lies a location that looks like something straight out of the age of dinosaurs. Here at Fern Canyon in California, five different kinds of fern hug onto the sides of a canyon to create a sight that seems otherworldly. Not surprisingly, there were a few…

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In Pursuit of Beauty: Alamere Falls Trail

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Living in San Francisco, there’s so much natural beauty around, it’s hard to figure out what to do next. One such place on my local experience list was Alamere Falls in Point Reyes National Seashore. I had seen many photos friends had posted of their adventures ending with a waterfall that emptied out into the Pacific Ocean. How cool is…

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Foraging for Food in the Forests of Santa Cruz

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As an avid fruit lover, I remember reading, many years ago, about how fruit trees were specifically not planted in many cities because of the mess they produce. Far too many people would rather purchase that same type of fruit from a grocery store than harvest them from public land. The result—tons of food waste rotting and squashed on sidewalks…

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The Best Things to Do in Vancouver

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When people think about traveling to Canada, many often think about the Banff’s or Montreal’s of North America. After being shown around the city by locals, Vancouver shouldn’t be overlooked though. Vancouver is a large city with things to do as vibrant and varied as the people living here. I’ll go through some of my top things to do in…

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How to Get Around Vancouver

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Before traveling anywhere, one question that always looms is “how am I going to get around?” At around the same size as San Francisco (49 square miles), Vancouver (44 square miles) is pretty easy to get around (if not more easy). By Car Like most developed areas, Vancouver has a system of roads and highways that make vehicular traffic fairly…

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Giving Canadian Breakfast a Go

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Visiting Vancouver, one big thing I wanted to try—in addition to poutine, candied salmon, and everything maple syrup—was Canadian breakfast. To satiate my craving, my friends took me to De Dutch Pannekoek House (a.k.a. De Dutch). The interior was adorned with mildly Dutch decor. Nothing really special. What was more interesting was the menu with an array of breakfast burritos,…

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What Vancouver Pride is Like

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It’s been said that our neighbors to the north are nicer and more tolerant. After experiencing Pride in Vancouver, I can believe it. I got a chance to watch the parade and wander around the city after. Here’s a visual walkthrough of the things I saw and noticed: The parade started with flags from all the provinces and territories of…