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Discovering the Best Pineapple Cake in Taiwan

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When you think of Taiwan, what comes to mind? Night markets, stinky tofu, and boba? One of the top things Taiwan is known for is their pineapple cake (鳳梨酥 / feng li su). The Taiwanese pineapple cake has a longstanding history, starting with its location. Taiwan has long been known as the “Kingdom of Fruit.” The subtropical region with many…

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Enjoying Taiwanese Mochi in Nantou County

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Taiwanese mochi is a delicious treat. While not as well known as pineapple cake (鳳梨酥 / feng li su) or sun cake (太陽餅 / tai yang bing), it certainly has its place amongst the various handheld treat out there. I previously went to a mochi museum in Taiwan and tasted some of the best mochi in Hualien (花蓮市 / hua…

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Taiwanese Hot Pot in a Tranquil, Modern, Japanese Setting

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Even in a place where the average day time high is around 71º Fahrenheit, hot pot maintains it’s cultural popularity in Taiwan. Whether enjoying hot pot with family, friends, or as a couple, I’m always amazed at just at how many people there are eating hot pot—even late at night. After flying into Taiwan, we headed straight to dinner in…

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Going Vegetarian in the Air on United

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On my United flight to Taiwan, I found out that I could adjust my meal. United actually has a host of different meal types that passengers can choose from including: Asian Vegetarian Vegan Kosher Gluten-Free Some are only available for certain flights, but there’s at least bound to be a vegetarian option. Anyway, after discovering this, and noting my desire…