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Turning the Old into Something New: Cultural Centers

Wandering around Taiwan, you’ll eventually come across something known as a cultural creative park or cultural creative center. These sites are often old businesses that have been transformed into creative spaces. I had an opportunity to check out one of…

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Getting the Point Across Through Signage

One of the main things that you’ll notice in any large city in Taiwan, are the signs. They’re everywhere, hanging off the sides of buildings, on top of stands, in front of temples even; in all sizes and colors–all trying…

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A Blending of Cultures: Tonkatsu

Knowing how much Taiwan loves Japanese culture, I wanted to give their tonkatsu (吉列豬排 / ji lie zhu pai) a try. We went to a katsu place in Taipei called… Tonkatsu (品田牧場 / pin tian mu chang). The restaurant, located…

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Kenting During the Day

Located at the southernmost tip of Taiwan sits a small but fun area, Kenting (墾丁 / ken ding). Because of its proximity to the equator, the area experiences more wet, tropical weather year round compared to the rest of the…

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Where to Pick Up Groceries in Taiwan

In the US, it’s typical of people to go to a grocery story to pick up food to prepare or cook. Although Taiwan has its share of grocery-type stores, including Carrefour, more of my experience with fresh and dry foods…

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What it Feels Like to be a Gamer in Taiwan

In eSports (電子競技 / dian zi jing ji), many Asian countries remain supreme. It wasn’t a surprise, thus, to see gaming references scattered around Taiwan. I wasn’t prepared for the volume though. Where gaming references and advertisements are largely focused…

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