Located in False Creek, just a short walk or ferry boat ride from Sunset Beach Park is an amazing little center of art and foodie culture, Granville Island.

Granville Island, at the turn of the century, was originally an array of factories and sawmills. With the area eventually falling into depression, local authorities turned the site into a public market in the early 1980’s.

Nowadays, Granville Island is a hotbed of culture with many tourists and locals alike coming through the area for a taste of culture. The focal point here has to be the Granville Island Public Market. It is an indoor public market with fresh produce, food vendors, artisans, and more.

For someone who could spend hours in the produce section of a grocery store, this market was amazing!

Here are a few snapshots I took from the market.

Local peaches with actual peach fuzz!

Such perfect-looking stacks of cherries.

A slice of pride anyone?

Everything looked so fresh.

These stacks of berries put US berries to shame.

I love me, a good tropical fruit.

This variety of lychee looks so dark on the outside.

Had to give this ghostly apple a try. It tasted like a more complex Granny Smith.

Outside, there’s a bunch of seating and room to watch the day go by.

Of course we had to try a local specialty, candied salmon. Disguised maple bacon is probably a better name for this dish as it tasted so closely to it with a hint of salmon.

The smoked salmon was also amazing!

Got all this salmon with a pairing of fish and chips. When in Rome… errr, Vancouver!

Here are more specialty dishes, or should I say fishes. Pickled and ready to be enjoyed.

I had a great time walking around the market area, exploring the little shops here and there. When you arrive, me sure to check out all the nooks and crannies. I actually missed on of the larger pieces of art around, the Giants of Granville Island. They are the iconic cement silos turned larger than life cartoon figures.

I will have to check these out first hand. I will, of course, gladly do so with how much fun I had exploring and tasting my way around the island. Can’t wait to go back!

Granville Island Public Market