I don’t know about you, but Halloween time is definitely my favorite time of the year. From the pumpkin spice to the macabre, there’s something about Halloween that I just find magical (or maybe the correct word is creepy). Normally, Halloween, for me, is marked by parties and checking out Halloween decorations. This time around, things were a little different.

I found myself in Taiwan.

In the same way that I heard Japan has marketed Halloween (萬聖節 / wan sheng jie), I figured there might be a few Halloween decorations here and there. What I found blew my mind.

This is my recap of what it was like to experience Halloween in Taiwan.

IMG 4688

Right from the gate, something was a little different. Signage at Taoyuan International Airport (臺灣桃園國際機場 / tai wan tao yuan guo ji ji chang) suggested Halloween might not just be an after thought.

IMG 6652 1

Though you might not know if walking around, inside, many of the stores that cater to younger generations are decorated all around with Halloween-themed paraphernalia. I loved the decor in this shop in Ximending.

IMG 6201

Many of the famous chains get in on the Halloween action, including Mister Donut. Would you want to eat any of these donuts?

IMG 6029

Many of the Eslite Bookstores, which are kind of like a combination of mall and Barnes & Noble, are decorated with witches hats and jack-o’-lanterns.

IMG 6011

Minxiong Kumquat Factory (金桔觀光工廠 / jin ju guan guang gong chang) went all out with spider webs, giant spiders, bones, and bats everywhere.

IMG 6010

Love that they turned off some of the lights to make this old building spookier.

IMG 5999

If these two had a name, what would they be called?

IMG 5998

Cute lanterns above. They kind of remind me of decorations we made in elementary school.

IMG 5997

「請勿靠近施工危險」(qing wu kao jin shi gong wei xian) “Please do not come near dangerous construction” or else you may turn into a skeleton.

IMG 6650

I’m not sure if this piece of art was Halloween-related, but it’s super creepy to look at. The black and white color scheme also helps.

IMG 4820

Even though this is more subtle, the Halloween colors are on point fir Ecstasy (one of the more recognizable fashion brands in Taiwan).

IMG 6708 1

It’s even possible to find Halloween-themed candy. I didn’t give this a try, but it’s super interesting to me to think of who this would be marketed to.

IMG 6706 1

Halloween is both cute and creepy in Taiwan, much like the United States! 「萬聖節派對」(wan sheng jie pai dui) “Halloween Party!”

IMG 5299 1

As if all the sights around Taiwan weren’t enough, I was surprised that for the Halloween season, there was this store that went all in on everything you would need to celebrate Halloween in Taiwan.

IMG 5300 1

Upon closer look there are Halloween costumes and Halloween decorations strewn everywhere.

IMG 5308 1

Then inside, bam! It hits you.

Here are some Halloween masks and disguises.

IMG 5307 1

This selection reminds me of something straight out of a Michaels. I love the concerned look on the green witch towards the bottom of this photo.

IMG 5306

Halloween decoration from floor to ceiling!

IMG 5305 1

They even have oversized hanging decorations.

IMG 5304 1

Love this little girl’s expression. She’s going to grow up loving the Halloween season, for sure.

IMG 5303 1

I can’t tell if something got lost in translation here, or if the composition of different characters is intentional. Either way, I love the creativity, including the undead pirate plumber ninja.

IMG 5302 1

Anyone up for a masquerade?

IMG 5301 1

Even seeing a few Halloween decorations in Taiwan made me smile. This store definitely took things to another level.

Here’s a short walkthrough of the many decorations in the store.

IMG 5087

I went to the tallest Starbucks in the world at Taipei 101 and they had this little mochi ghost to devour!

IMG 4845

Even the window displays get in on the holiday spirit! Love these bewitching black cats up to no good.

IMG 5007

In terms of the actual Halloween day and Halloween weekend, there were a bunch of activities for kids. I was told there’s a big Halloween presence in the expat area of Taiwan, Tianmu (天母 / tian mu). For adults, there were many parties at clubs that had drink specials and prizes for best Halloween costume.

I ended up going to a club near Songshan and had a ton of fun.

Whether you’re looking to celebrate Halloween in Taiwan, or merely curious, I hope this post helps shed some light on what it’s like to experience Halloween in Taiwan. Though the experience is different than the United States, it’s still fun to see people in Taiwan getting into the holiday spirit. One day, I’ll have to check out Japan to see how they celebrate.

Lastly, wherever you are, whatever you do here’s wishing “Happy Halloween” to you!