I recently had the chance to step into a doctor’s office in Taiwan. I’m not sure how typical an experience this is, but it was eyeopening to say the least. Here are some photos of my visit:

This office had semi-private waiting areas in the lobby with really comfy seats. Each long chair had a few pillows and a small table for drinks, magazines, and other small items. Above, chandelier lights set out to further declare the value of their healthcare.

Across the way, there was a corner with some of the many products they (presumably) had for sale. The lights and mirrors helped to brighten up the area and call attention to Asian beauty standards.

On the left side, there are various implements for creating a cup of coffee or tea, as well plates and soup bowls with handles on them—I’m not sure what these were for.

Both surprising and not surprising were these two machines for dispensing the coffee and hot water for tea. Given that so many restaurants in Taiwan have some kind of station for getting soup and drinks for free, I should guess that this was less a doctor-expected amenity and more one based in Taiwanese hospitality.

I was only in this office for a few minutes while I waited on others, but it was still cool to have expectations shattered about what a doctor’s office could look like. This definitely makes me feel that if you need the services of healthcare professionals in Taiwan, you would be in good hands.

What’s your experience been with doctor’s offices in Taiwan? Is this on par? Is this too fancy or not fancy enough?