One of the more peculiar sights I saw in Taiwan has to be Rainbow Village (彩虹眷村 / cai hong juan cun). Rainbow Village is a cluster of buildings that have been painted all around with colorful artwork, people, and characters.

The artwork was created by Huang Yung-Fu, a Kuomintang soldier, in 1924 as a means of saving his village from demolition. Previously, the village housed numerous soldiers. Overtime, they left and Huang was left to himself.

Today, hundreds of thousands drop by to experience the unique art.

Walking in between the buildings, you’ll find a walkway with dolls and stuffed animals adding to the display.

Not creepy, right?

Rainbow Village is a psychedelic trip to behold with bold colors clashing in a dizzying array of mesmerizing patterns. If you’re ever in the area, drop by, take a deep breath, and walk through history.

彩虹眷村 (Rainbow Village)