If there’s a type of food out there that someone says is better, I’m probably going to want to try it. From having some of the best seafood in Taiwan to the best mochi donuts, after hearing that some of the best mangos came from Tainan, I knew I had to make it out there.

Summer time, of course, is peak mango season in Taiwan, so I was super excited.

After going to a mango farm and deciding not to take the farmer on his offer for a tour and one hand-picked mango, we found our way to the Mango Ice House (玉井區農會熱情小子芒果冰館 / yu jing ou nong hui re qing xiao zi mang guo bing guan).

The parking lot was pretty empty. Wandering around similarly empty shop a bit, we decided again not to patronize the place and instead go to a somewhat shoddy-looking mango ice store that we saw down a block.

This was probably one of the better decisions we made that day as the mango ice at Yuching Youjian Bingpu (玉井有間冰舖芒果冰 / yu jing you jian bing pu mang guo bing) was amazing. We got the Unparalleled Mango ice (芒果無雙 / mang guo wu shuang). It came with a scoop of mango ice cream on top, fresh mango, and preserved green mango pieces drizzled with condensed milk.

It was a nice way to cap off an adventure to find amazing mangos.

Walking back to the car, I took a closer look at the tree with bags on it and saw that they were mangos being protected from the elements. Pretty cool that this area that is known for mangos has random mango trees growing in the parking lot.

We also picked up a box of mangos from a small stall near this parking lot. These mangos, really were some of the best I’ve had.

玉井有間冰舖芒果冰 (Yuching Youjian Bingpu)