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The Best Boba in Seattle

As someone who’s easily been to over a hundred boba shops across the globe, including the birthplace of boba milk tea, it’s no surprise that when I travel, one of the first types of food places I look up are…

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Exploring the Largest Open-Air Mall: Ala Moana Center

So much of traveling, especially around touristy areas like Waikiki, is eating and shopping. For foodies and shoppers alike, The Ala Moana Center, located on the western end of Waikiki is a godsend. The mall is 300 stores spread out…

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Uncovering the Spirit of Portland in East Portland

If West Portland is the business center of the area, East Portland is the cultural heart of the region. The next afternoon after my whirlwind trip across the city, we headed east to have a great meal and experience some…

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Keeping it Weird in Downtown Portland

If you’re looking for a quick one day Portland itinerary and anything like me, this may be it. Because we didn’t have much time in Portland—we were only around for a quick weekend trip—we woke up early to get a…

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