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Enjoying, Arguably, the Best Seafood in Taiwan

Sharing stories about how good Addiction Aquatic Development (上引水產 / shang yin shui chan) was, I discovered yet again, that there was better seafood out there. To discover even better seafood, we headed to Budai Harbor Fish Market (布袋港觀光漁市 / bu…

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Shrimping: A Uniquely Taiwanese Experience

Las Vegas has its slot machines, New Zealand has its outdoor adventures, Taiwan has shrimping (釣蝦 / diao xia)! One thing that I definitely wanted to experience in Taiwan was catching shrimp. It’s a popular activity at some night markets…

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Sushi and Sashimi and a Relaxed Pace

One of the places it was recommended that we check out while in Taipei was RAW. Unable to get a reservation, and off of our Addiction Aquatic Development-high, we went with another highly-rated restaurant in Xinyi District, Fresh Station Sushi…

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Getting My Seafood Addiction On in Taiwan

Before I went to Taiwan, I asked for recommendations from my friends. One of the top recommended places to dine was Addiction Aquatic Development (上引水產 / shang yin shui chan) located near Songshan Airport (松山機場 / song shan ji chang). Addiction…

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