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Eating my Way Through San Antonio

I recently had the opportunity to check out San Antonio, Texas. It was the first time I had been to Texas outside of a layover so I was quite excited to check out the sights and flavors of the city….

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Uncovering the Spirit of Portland in East Portland

If West Portland is the business center of the area, East Portland is the cultural heart of the region. The next afternoon after my whirlwind trip across the city, we headed east to have a great meal and experience some…

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Uncovering Gems Across the California Coast

After checking out the magnificent Fern Canyon, my friends and I traveled back towards San Francisco Bay Area. Along the way, made a couple of stops—because how could we not? Here are a few highlights along the way. Loleta Cheese…

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Giving Taiwanese-Style Fast Food a Try

While exploring Tainan, a large pelican mascot called to me. It said, “Look! Look inside. I’m like a McDonald’s.” Wanting to experience something new, and having been away from American-style food, we stopped by this fast food shop to find…

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The Sandwich Reinvented in Taipei

Ever since having a sandwich (三明治 / san ming zhi) for breakfast, I’ve been fascinated by how Taiwan has elevated the humble food item into a statement of its connection to the West. Many time over, I’ve found even simple…

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