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Taiwanese Bakeries: A Sweet Blend of Cultures

One of my favorite ways to explore a region is through its baked goods. Taiwan has some of the cutest, softest, and sweetest baked goods I’ve encountered. Many Taiwanese baked goods have a relatively recent history, beginning with the occupation…

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Making Pineapple Cake in Taipei

Whenever I come back stateside, one thing I have to bring back is pineapple cake (鳳梨酥 / feng li su). Pineapple cake, is about as ubiquitous in Taiwanese gift shops as boba shops across the island. Various gift shops and…

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Exploring Taiwan’s Peach City

Three hours south of Taipei is a city rich in culture and history, Chiayi City (嘉義市 / jia yi shi). Known by some as Taiwan’s Peach City, because of its shape, much of Chiayi feels like how Taiwan may have felt…

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Fruit in Taiwan Versus the US

One thing that becomes apparent, traveling in Taiwan, is the abundance of fruit (水果 / shui guo). From sprawling produce markets to fruit teas stalls (especially in Taipei) the sweet smell of fresh fruit was everywhere. It’s no surprise that…

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