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Engrish, Remixing English for the Sake of Design

What’s the opposite of Japanese or Chinese characters emblazoned on clothing in the western world? English on eastern-sold clothing. One of the things you’ll notice, walking around Taiwan, is the sheer number of clothing sellers. Clothing shops are especially prominent…

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A $400 Mistake in Jiufen

Traveling in Taiwan, I’m lucky to have Mandarin speakers around me. If it was just me exploring the island, I’m not sure that I would have seen all the things I have so far. I’m grateful for this. That said…

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chinglish in real life

English, Not so Good

Being a mostly English speaker in a land of Mandarin (普通話 / pu tong hua), I found it nice to occasionally see English. Though Taipei has more signage geared towards English speakers, outside of the more touristy areas, most of…

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