IMG 9283

Launching Lanterns and Chasing Waterfalls

After exploring Pingxi and deciding to fly lanterns elsewhere, we made our way to Shifen (十分 / shi fen). The trip was a short 8 minute drive between the two. You can see more of that drive including the lead…

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IMG 9335

Wandering the Corridors of Jiufen at Night

I previously experienced Jiufen during the day. It was fun to look out towards Keelung City (基隆市 / ji long shi) and the rest of the northern part of Taiwan from the various vista points. The many travel blogs I…

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IMG 9228

Pingxi: Where Lanterns Light the Way

After missing out on launching a lantern into the sky on our last trip to Taiwan, sending our wishes out into the universe was a high priority for the most recent trip. On the way to experience Jiufen (九份 /…

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