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Walking Through History in Downtown Philadelphia

Growing up, I remember learning about the historical significance of Philadelphia and its place in history. As a central physical location in the original thirteen colonies, it became a hub of commerce and a natural meeting point during talks of…

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Wandering the Corridors of Jiufen at Night

I previously experienced Jiufen during the day. It was fun to look out towards Keelung City (基隆市 / ji long shi) and the rest of the northern part of Taiwan from the various vista points. The many travel blogs I…

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The Colonial Harbor Town of Tamsui

One of many fond memories in Taiwan is strolling along the Tamsui River (淡水河 / dan shui he), taking in the sights and sounds of an area that seems so different from most of the Taiwan. Whereas most of the…

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Getting Spirited Away to the City of Sadness: Jiufen

Located less than an hour drive outside of Taipei is the enchanting town called Jiufen (九份 / jiu fen). The history of Jiufen is as vibrant as the location is today with tales of trade, gold, and Japanese-influence. Though the…

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Exploring One of The World’s Last Type Foundries

In an age of 0’s and 1’s, of digital correspondence being sent in a flash, it’s humbling to think of a time when print had to be manipulated and placed by hand. Nowadays, newspapers and books are mostly created on…

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