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Best Things to Do in Northern California

Northern California is famous for its outdoors, wineries, sports, and more. It’s one of the leading travel destinations in the state to discover a diverse region that’s fun for everyone. Many of California’s major cities are located in the region,…

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Getting Lost in Nature at Manoa Falls and Lyon Arboretum

While Waikiki is known for its beach culture and shopping, just a few miles away is rainforest and plant life unlike many have seen before. Here, sweeping views showcase decades upon decades of tree growth while whispering winds highlight their…

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Stopping to Smell the Roses: Taichung Flower Market

Located a 30 minute drive north of Taichung right before the Miaoli county border is a humble but scenic tourist attraction, Taichung Flower Market (中社觀光花市 / zhong she guan guan hua shi). As I was around during the early summer,…

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