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The Sweet, Hidden Gem of Chiayi: Farms in Minxiong

Readers of Collecting EXP will know how much I love produce. It’s no surprise that I also love checking out the farms where this produce comes from. One area that’s turned farms into yet another tourist destination in Taiwan, is…

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Getting Lost in the Simple Beauty of North Shore

Oahu is full of wonder. From the warm, scenic waters of Waikiki to the breathtaking serenity of Manoa Valley, there’s beauty enough down in southern part of the island. Take a trip up H2 to the northern part of Oahu—an…

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Tainan: Where the Mangoes Really are Better

If there’s a type of food out there that someone says is better, I’m probably going to want to try it. From having some of the best seafood in Taiwan to the best mochi donuts, after hearing that some of…

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Exploring Taiwan’s Peach City

Three hours south of Taipei is a city rich in culture and history, Chiayi City (嘉義市 / jia yi shi). Known by some as Taiwan’s Peach City, because of its shape, much of Chiayi feels like how Taiwan may have felt…

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Fruit in Taiwan Versus the US

One thing that becomes apparent, traveling in Taiwan, is the abundance of fruit (水果 / shui guo). From sprawling produce markets to fruit teas stalls (especially in Taipei) the sweet smell of fresh fruit was everywhere. It’s no surprise that…

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