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The Best Shaved Ice on Oahu

In Hawai’i, nothing is more synonymous with the islands, food-wise, than shaved ice. Also called shave ice or ice shave, don’t mistake these frozen treats for snow cones. Snow cones often contain coarse pieces of ice and lack toppings. Hawaiian…

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Taking a Break from the Heat with Bingsu

Living in a city whose average temperature is 57.3 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s not often that I crave frozen desserts. With the temperature being in the upper 80’s to low 90’s in Vancouver though, any reprieve from the heat was a…

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An Explosion of Flavor: Fivebar Shaved Ice

As I previously mentioned, downtown Hualien is a hotbed of food and shopping all within easy walking distance. After enjoying wontons and the Dongdamen Night Market, we set out to look for dessert. We came across a place called Fivebar…

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Sugary Train Ride to Nowhere

In Taiwan, it’s common to see something old turned into an attraction. Cultural creative centers and old streets are good examples of this. Some of these attractions, though steeped in history, are a bit odd. Photo from Wikipedia Case in…

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The Sweet and Creamy Taste of Taiwanese Snow

One of the more popular desserts in the United States, to come out of Taiwan recently, is shaved snow. Shaved snow, unlike shaved ice is primarily frozen milk. Probably one of the most talked about shaved snow places in Taiwan…

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