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Enjoying Doughy and Delicious Dumplings

While Hualien has Dongdamen Night Market, there’s a bunch of great places to eat a short walk away northwest of the night market. Reading the dumplings were a big deal in the area, we decided to check out one of…

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Grubbing Out in Taichung

One of the ways which I keep track of where I’ve been is using services like Swarm and Yelp. Occasionally, I come across places that don’t have a listing and, in a rush, I’m not able to get the name…

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Feasting at the Original Din Tai Fung

Having grown up in Los Angeles with the hype of what many call the best xiao long bao (or soup dumplings), I knew I had to give the original Din Tai Fung (鼎泰豐 / din tai feng) a try. Located…

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