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What it’s Like to Experience Halloween in Taiwan

I don’t know about you, but Halloween time is definitely my favorite time of the year. From the pumpkin spice to the macabre, there’s something about Halloween that I just find magical (or maybe the correct word is creepy). Normally,…

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Strolling Through Aisles of Kawaii

Is there anything cuter than the packaging for Asian foods?! Well, maybe mascots are a little cuter. Still, there’s something definitely different about the look of, say, a candy package in the US versus Taiwan. Taking a walk around Poya,…

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Bucket Lists

The Ultimate Bucket List of Things to Do in Japan

From the super fast bullet trains to viewing cherry blossoms, there’s so much to experience in Japan. I wanted to start this bucket list as a way of keeping track of the various things I would like to see, eat,…

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Cute and Delicious, Mochi Donuts

As a self-proclaimed lover of donuts (or doughnuts) (甜甜圈  tian tian quan), I enjoy trying them wherever I go. When I heard that Mister Donut had a particularly delicious mochi doughnut, I knew I had to give it a try….

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Mascot Love

With so many brands competing for attention in Taiwan, logos often take the back seat to adorable mascots (吉祥物 / ji xiang wu). It’s hard to walk around without seeing a mascot emblazoned over windows, walls, and street signage—each, gently…

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