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The Best Boba in Seattle

As someone who’s easily been to over a hundred boba shops across the globe, including the birthplace of boba milk tea, it’s no surprise that when I travel, one of the first types of food places I look up are…

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The Best Places to Eat Near Honolulu Chinatown

Waikiki is the go to destination for many visiting Oahu, but that doesn’t mean that it has the best food. There are a few gems in this tourist district, but for even better food, you’ll want to venture out. Right…

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The State of Drinks in Vancouver

Many readers of Collecting EXP will know how much I enjoy trying different drinks, particularly those with tea and boba. For anyone visiting Vancouver interested in the local drink scene, here’s my take: Starbucks is Big Not really surprising, considering…

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Discovering the Best Night Market in Taipei

One of the most popular experiences people have while visiting Taiwan is checking out a Taiwanese night market. With most major cities hosting one or more night markets across the island, there are a whole host of night markets to…

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