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Discovering the Best Pineapple Cake in Taiwan

When you think of Taiwan, what comes to mind? Night markets, stinky tofu, and boba? One of the top things Taiwan is known for is their pineapple cake (鳳梨酥 / feng li su). The Taiwanese pineapple cake has a longstanding…

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Eating my Way Through San Antonio

I recently had the opportunity to check out San Antonio, Texas. It was the first time I had been to Texas outside of a layover so I was quite excited to check out the sights and flavors of the city….

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The Best Places to Eat Near Honolulu Chinatown

Waikiki is the go to destination for many visiting Oahu, but that doesn’t mean that it has the best food. There are a few gems in this tourist district, but for even better food, you’ll want to venture out. Right…

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The Best Places to Eat Just Outside of Waikiki

Being so tourist-centered, you pay a premium for good food in Waikiki. There are some hidden gems though. I previously detailed some of the best places to eat in Waikiki that won’t break the bank. Just outside of Waikiki, on…

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New York

A Walk in the Park – New York Itinerary: Day 4 of 4

Over the course of three days, we had seen many of the major landmarks including the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Stonewall Inn, Brooklyn Bridge, and 9/11 Memorial. To finish our stay, we headed up north more to the…

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