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United States

Going Vegetarian in the Air on United

On my United flight to Taiwan, I found out that I could adjust my meal. United actually has a host of different meal types that passengers can choose from including: Asian Vegetarian Vegan Kosher Gluten-Free Some are only available for…

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What it’s Like to Fly Southwest to Hawai’i

Being a long time Southwest customer, when I heard rumors of Southwest planning on extending routes to the Hawaiian Islands in 2018, I got super excited at the thought. Earlier in March, Southwest finally opened up a series of flights…

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Flying JAL Between Taiwan and Japan

Going between Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA) and Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND), I had the chance to fly Japan Airlines (JAL). Hearing stories about how my parents flew on this airline long ago, I was excited. I didn’t have very high…

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Exploring Tokyo Haneda

Stopped by Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND) on the way to Taiwan. It was everything I thought a Japanese airport would be and more. It was clean, cute, and cold (outside). If you have a layover here and have some time…

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