One of the places it was recommended that we check out while in Taipei was RAW. Unable to get a reservation, and off of our Addiction Aquatic Development-high, we went with another highly-rated restaurant in Xinyi District, Fresh Station Sushi & Fruits (逸鮮棧 / yi xian zhan).

As we entered the restaurant on a quiet side street, we checked-in and were quickly seated.

The rest of the meal went at a more relaxed pace.

This was the table set-up.

We were first treated to this very light soup with a dumpling.

Here is a chef working on assembling a bowl of sashimi.

As their name suggests, much of the meal had fruit mixed in, including this salad with passion fruit dressing.

Pickled vegetables placed on the side awaiting the first nigiri.

To be honest, I never really understood the names of all of these fish. Here’s an assemblage of the different nigiri we ate though, including salmon and tuna nigiri.

Three different types of maki sushi with fruit inside: pineapple shiso, kiwi on kiwi, and pineapple sesame seed.

Here’s a broiled fish dish that came after our sushi.

Fruit, both fresh and dried, on top of pork.

More pickled vegetables provided during out meal.

Our hours-long meal was capped with this selection of fruit.

If I had to choose between going to Fresh Station and Addiction Aquatic Development, I would definitely choose the latter. The meal was so long for what we got and we ended up leaving quite hungry still. The decor and plating was quite nice, however.

Perhaps there’s something more that we could have ordered than the set meal we got. Perhaps.

If you’re interested, give this place a try but maybe get a small snack before or be prepared to get one after.

逸鮮棧 (Fresh Station Sushi & Fruits)