On the way back up to Taichung from Tainan, I stopped by what has been called “Danei Totoro Bus Stop” (大內龍貓公車站 / da nei long mao gong che zhan) It’s a slight detour on the 3, between Tainan and Chiayi. It is a magical place full of beautifully painted murals and whimsical characters.

Coming up to the location, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere. When you arrive, however, you’ll greeted with a huge Totoro welcome sign. Totoro in Chinese is 龍貓 (long mao)—dragon cat—in case you’re interested or need to ask locals for directions.

The murals are painted on the sides of homes that span a main road and a few side roads.

Here are more of the illustrations I saw.

Thought this kissy-face was amusing.

The architecture on this temple was really stunning.

Here’s the My Neighbor Totoro umbrella scene with Satsuki and Mei making their way down the grassy hill.

If you love Totoro, this is a nice itinerary point, especially if just to take fun photos with the characters. Because of its proximity to Taichung, it’s makes for an easy part of a day trip from the city.

One note of caution, be aware of where you step. I ended up, coming away from the experience with some dog poo on my shoe. Not the best way to end the day, but the fun photos more than made up for it.

大內龍貓公車站 (Danei Totoro Bus Stop)