Coming off of the cronut craze in the US, I dropped by Drip Cafe to checkout how Taiwanese do the croissant donut (可拿滋 / ke na zi). The location that I went to is one block off of Zhongxiao East Road.

Here’s what the cafe looks like from the outside. So quaint and unassuming.

The interior felt modern and Asian with wood tastefully placed all around.

As we had been walking around for quite some time, I got this colorful, layered drink (戀夏繽紛水果飲 / lian xia bin fen shui guo yin) to quench my thirst. It consisted to multiple fruit juices and butterfly tea ice cubes.

Here’s what the strawberry cronut (可拿滋,草莓 / ke na zi, cao mei) looks like.

The cronut was cut in the middle and stuffed, like a sandwich, with strawberries and cream. The dish was served with strawberries, strawberry ice cream, and condensed milk.

It was sweet and delicate. Unlike some of the cronuts in the US, it tasted a little chewy like it had sweet rice or tapioca flour in it.

Wanting to try something a little different we also got bubble tea mini croissant donut (珍珠奶茶迷你可拿滋 / zhen zhu nai cha mi ni ke na zi).

This dessert was even sweeter than the strawberry cronut, but it was still quite enjoyable. The warm and sweet tapioca contrasted nicely with the vanilla ice cream.

Still drooling a bit thinking about the desserts from Drip Cafe. If you get the chance to check it out around Taipei (there are multiple locations now), do drop by.

好滴 (Drip Cafe)