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A Walk Down Painted Animation Lane

Readers of Collecting EXP will know that I share a fondness for street art. From murals encompassing large warehouses to small stickers tacked onto light poles, I feel like you can get a good feel of a community from art…

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Exploring the Windward Coast: Kaneohe and Kailua

After having explored the food scene in Waikiki, seen the street art in Kakaako, and driven around the northernmost tip of Oahu; we set our sights east to the Windward Coast of Kaneohe and Kailua. I packed an entire day…

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Uncovering the Spirit of Portland in East Portland

If West Portland is the business center of the area, East Portland is the cultural heart of the region. The next afternoon after my whirlwind trip across the city, we headed east to have a great meal and experience some…

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The Best Things to Do in Vancouver

When people think about traveling to Canada, many often think about the Banff’s or Montreal’s of North America. After being shown around the city by locals, Vancouver shouldn’t be overlooked though. Vancouver is a large city with things to do…

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Enjoying the Second Best Donuts in Vancouver

Traveling to a new place, one thing that I’m going to want to try—of course—are the local milk tea drink offerings. Somewhere, ranked second or third, would be donuts. On my recent latest trip, I wanted to try one of…

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What it Feels Like to be a Gamer in Taiwan

In eSports (電子競技 / dian zi jing ji), many Asian countries remain supreme. It wasn’t a surprise, thus, to see gaming references scattered around Taiwan. I wasn’t prepared for the volume though. Where gaming references and advertisements are largely focused…

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