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Exploring the Windward Coast: Kaneohe and Kailua

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After having explored the food scene in Waikiki, seen the street art in Kakaako, and driven around the northernmost tip of Oahu; we set our sights east to the Windward Coast of Kaneohe and Kailua. I packed an entire day full of sights, tastes, and hikes. I’ll argue why this probably isn’t the best idea—to do all of these items…

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Getting Lost in the Simple Beauty of North Shore

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Oahu is full of wonder. From the warm, scenic waters of Waikiki to the breathtaking serenity of Manoa Valley, there’s beauty enough down in southern part of the island. Take a trip up H2 to the northern part of Oahu—an area called North Shore—and you’ll find even more to see and muse about. Here’s a recap of my journey to…

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Checking Out the Street Art on Oahu

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As a huge fan of street art, I’ve made it a point to check out the local art scene in places like Vancouver and Taiwan. Recently, I saw what Honolulu had to offer on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. The epicenter for this type of art is the Kakaako (Kaka’ako) neighborhood located about a mile away from the northwest…

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The Best Places to Eat Near Honolulu Chinatown

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Waikiki is the go to destination for many visiting Oahu, but that doesn’t mean that it has the best food. There are a few gems in this tourist district, but for even better food, you’ll want to venture out. Right outside of Waikiki is amazing food in the Moiliili and Kapuhulu neighborhoods. For more delicious choices, head northwest of Waikiki…