lake tahoe clear blue waters
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The Ultimate Route 66 Road Trip Itinerary

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Route 66 is a historic highway that makes for an ultimate road trip. Also known as the Mother Road or the Main Street of America, it was established in 1926 and, for more than six decades, saw throngs of travelers going westward. Extending from Illinois to California and passing through several states, it is now a pilgrimage that offers glimpses…

lake tahoe clear blue waters

What to Pack for a Road Trip

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With the virus currently keeping international travel on hold, one of the best ways to experience fun and exciting adventures is by going on a road trip. If you’re not sure where to start, I developed this guide on what to pack for a road trip. In it, you’ll find everything you need to travel with peace of mind. This…

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A Walk Down Painted Animation Lane

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Readers of Collecting EXP will know that I share a fondness for street art. From murals encompassing large warehouses to small stickers tacked onto light poles, I feel like you can get a good feel of a community from art found on the street. Though street art can be hard to come by in Taiwan, when you find it, it’s…

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What it’s Like to Experience Halloween in Taiwan

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I don’t know about you, but Halloween time is definitely my favorite time of the year. From the pumpkin spice to the macabre, there’s something about Halloween that I just find magical (or maybe the correct word is creepy). Normally, Halloween, for me, is marked by parties and checking out Halloween decorations. This time around, things were a little different….

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