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Where East Meets West: Steak and Noodles

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One thing Taiwanese people like is their steak. From giant chicken steak (雞排 / ji pai) to beef steak with noodles (牛排鐵板麵 / niu pai tie ban mian), a huge slab of meat is never really far away in most major Taiwanese cities. I previously wrote about some of these experiences in Taichung. Here’s a deeper dive into the steak meal…

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Trying the Taiwanese Version of Imagawayaki

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One of the best ways I’ve found of exploring the larger cities in Taiwan is simply choosing a location and walking around. It’s through this method that I’ve discovered places like Shuanglian Castella Cake, amazing bakeries, and all kinds of cool stationary stores. Recently, I stumbled upon a shop selling a food dish that I only expected to find in…

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Uncovering Board Game Culture in Taiwan

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As tabletop games (桌遊 / zhuo you) are a pretty big deal to me, I’m always on the lookout to see how board gaming looks through the lens of various places I travel to. I recently wrote about some of my insights on board gaming culture in Taiwan. Here are a few quick tips! Board games are everywhere, if you…

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How to Buy Things in Taiwan

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If you needed to buy a new shirt, you probably would know how to go about that process. Even if you shopped online, you would probably understand any deals and the number of articles of clothing you would be getting. In Taiwan, there are some slight differences when it comes to buying things. From purchasing food to getting a good…

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