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Pingxi: Where Lanterns Light the Way

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After missing out on launching a lantern into the sky on our last trip to Taiwan, sending our wishes out into the universe was a high priority for the most recent trip. On the way to experience Jiufen (九份 / jiu fen) at night, we stopped by Pingxi (平溪 / ping xi) to see what the hubbub was about. The…

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Breakfast is Any Time at Miaokou Black Tea

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Located in a back alley near downtown Hualien sits an otherwise unassuming breakfast spot, Miaokou Black Tea (廟口紅茶 / miao kou hong cha). This spot, open 24 hours, has been a mainstay in the community for decades. When I was in Hualien, I got a chance to check out what the hype was about. We arrived late in the evening,…

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Touring One of Taiwan’s Premiere Distillers

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I previously wrote about how there are a lot of tourist attractions in Yilan. Much of this seems to be attributed to the amount of land and proximity to Taipei. There’s a lot of production going on in this part of the island. It’s no surprise, consequently, that there would be an alcohol distillery in the area, albeit a famous…

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Popular But Less Touristy: Linjiang Night Market

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Many of the night markets in Taipei get overshadowed by Shilin and Raohe Night Market. There’s still a plethora of options available though if both night markets are too far away or two crowded for you. I recently had the chance to check out Linjiang Night Market (臨江街觀光夜市 / lin jiang jie guan guang ye shi) located a short walk…