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Giving Taiwanese-Style Fast Food a Try

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While exploring Tainan, a large pelican mascot called to me. It said, “Look! Look inside. I’m like a McDonald’s.” Wanting to experience something new, and having been away from American-style food, we stopped by this fast food shop to find a really interesting eatery called Dandan Hamburger (丹丹漢堡 / dan dan han bao). The interior closely resembled an older McDonald’s…

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Engrish, Remixing English for the Sake of Design

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What’s the opposite of Japanese or Chinese characters emblazoned on clothing in the western world? English on eastern-sold clothing. One of the things you’ll notice, walking around Taiwan, is the sheer number of clothing sellers. Clothing shops are especially prominent at night markets where they often bookmark the ends of these markets with loud pop and EDM music. Step into…

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Checking Out One of the Top Bakeries in Taiwan

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I previously wrote about how bakeries are big thing in Taiwan. With just how many good bakeries there are across the island, I’m always surprised when one manages to stand out. Driving back from dinner, we made a pit stop at a bakery called Wu Pao Chun (吳寶春麥方店 / wu bao chun mai fang dian). I didn’t know anything about…

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The Sandwich Reinvented in Taipei

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Ever since having a sandwich (三明治 / san ming zhi) for breakfast, I’ve been fascinated by how Taiwan has elevated the humble food item into a statement of its connection to the West. Many time over, I’ve found even simple white bread sandwiches remixed into something delicious and even unique. Case in point, located a short walk from Gongguan Station…

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Strolling Through Aisles of Kawaii

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Is there anything cuter than the packaging for Asian foods?! Well, maybe mascots are a little cuter. Still, there’s something definitely different about the look of, say, a candy package in the US versus Taiwan. Taking a walk around Poya, a kind of Taiwanese Walgreens, it becomes apparent just how different packaging is in the East versus the West. For…