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A Matter of Convenience Everywhere

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Almost as prolific as the number of boba shops in Taiwan is the number of convenience stores. Convenience stores like 7-Eleven are everywhere. Unlike in the US, they don’t just sell candy, snacks, and drinks. Convenience stores (便利店 / bian li dian) play a larger role in everyday life in Taiwan. They’re an easy place to pick up lunch with their…

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Why Shopping Malls in Taiwan are Better

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Malls are amazing, at least in Taiwan. In the US, they’re places that many people have moved on from. Where once they were hotbeds of activity, with technology, they’re often places that people reluctantly go to for movies or when they have nothing else better to do. Taiwanese malls (商場 / shang chang) are different. If you’re looking for a particular…

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Exploring the Best Croissants in Taiwan

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As I previously mentioned, bakeries are a big deal in Taiwan. What’s also big are Japanese and French things (perhaps some of this love for French culture comes by extension for Japan’s own adoration). Not surprisingly, a delicious croissant (羊角麵包 / yang jiao mian bao) is never really far away, especially in the larger cities like Taipei (台北市 / tai…

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What McDonald’s is Like in Taiwan

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Coming from the US, it’s fun to see McDonald’s scattered about Taiwan. Because I don’t really stop by the fast food joint in the United States, I didn’t think much about the restaurant except that it was cool that they had penetrated the Taiwan market. Craving a quick snack while walking in Hualien, though, the timing was just right to…

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Turning the Crank for Something Cool, Hopefully

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Adding to the list of Japanese things Taiwan likes, is Gachapon (轉蛋 / zhuai dan). Gachapon (ガチャポン), gashapon (ガシャポン), and gacha (ガチャ) are similar terms used to describe the highly popularized vending machines and their contents. Unlike most vending machines which exist for distributing food, gachapon machines are used to produce toys and small trinkets. Like many of the machines…