When researching things to buy in Taiwan, I heard a lot about getting electronics. Not surprisingly, when I heard about Syntrend, I knew I wanted to stop by.

Syntrend Creative Park (三創數位生活園區 / san chuang shu wei sheng huo yuan qu) is floor after floor of cutting edge products. Whether you’re looking for a new motherboard for your computer or a modern-looking handbag, Syntrend has it all. At the time I went, they even had a vendor selling Star Wars art done in a futuristic street-art style.

This high tech mall is located across the street from Huashan 1914 Creative Park (華山1914文化創意產業園區 / hua shan 1914 wen hua chuang yi chan ye yuan qu) just a short walk from Zhongxiao Xinsheng station (忠孝新生站 / zhong xiao xin sheng zhan) in Zhongzheng district.

Syntrend seems to overflow into the nearby streets with vendors selling all kinds of electronics. When you start seeing these sellers, you know you’re close. I knew I had arrived when I was greeted with this face:

Each floor has its own theme. 12 floors beckon you to taste, touch, look, listen, play, game, design, make, and more.

I, of course, gravitated towards the play, game, and make floors.

One of the floors has a shop with easily a hundred Gachapon machines. There was a lot of fun, cute, and random things I wanted but I resisted.

I loved the decor throughout the building. So creative.

In the end, though I saw some pretty cool things, I didn’t buy anything. If I need to pick up any cool gadgetry or modern things in Taiwan though, I know where to go.

I totally recommend checking out this mall if you’re in the area. It’s modern, has unique things to buy, clean, and is overall unlike many of the other malls I’ve been to in Taiwan.

三創生活園區 (Syntrend)