Located in the Att 4 Fun building on the food court level is a cafe dedicated to Pompompurin (布丁狗 / bu ding gou), the happy Golden Retriever from Sanrio with a beatnik hat. This was my first experience with a themed cafe. I had heard about their rising popularity especially in other parts of Asia, like Japan. Nevertheless, I was quite excited to see what all the hype was about.

There wasn’t much of a wait to get a table. While waiting, though, I quickly took a few snapshots in the lobby area.

When we got seated, we got to sit on these cute chairs.

The menu was a picture menu. The items looked slightly better than when they arrived, which I feel like is pretty understandable.

This dish was a chicken nugget plate. It had a side salad, corn, a sleeping Pompompurin made of rice, hot dog wieners made to look like octopi, and a small dessert with a chocolate mint cookie on top (resembling Pompompurin’s hat).

We also got a mango soda drink topped with mango ice cream made to look like Pompompurin’s face.

Overall, the cafe was cute and service was great. The quality and taste of the food was a bit lacking but the chefs did a great job with presentation. I feel like this would be a great place to bring kids as most of the food is fun and what I would have wanted to eat when I was younger.

What themed cafes have you experienced? How were they?

布丁狗主題餐廳 (Pompompurin Cafe)