I have posts about more of the prominent eateries around Taipei, including the original Din Tai Fung, Ice Monster, and Addiction Aquatic Development. Here’s a smorgasbord of various foods I tried around the city that didn’t necessarily warrant their own post:

Shaved snow with lychee, pineapple, and some kind of jelly on top

This was surprisingly one of the more unique breakfasts I had. It was from the Meadow Hotel. Many of the hotels that I’ve been to, on that note, have had buffet-style breakfast. If this is of interest, check with the hotel to make sure that breakfast is included.

Yuzu ice with black sesame ice cream

Here are some red bean buns made into different characters and animals. They definitely look better than they taste, but I guess I can’t say what I would have expected a rubber ducky bao to taste like.

What looks most delicious to you?