So many attractions in Taiwan are, a bit over the top and seemingly out of place. From giant crayons sprouting out of the ground in Yilan to a piano set in a field of lavender, the High-Heel Wedding Church (亞洲賞鳥博覽會 / ya zhou shang niao bo lan hui) in Budai Township (布袋鎮 / bu dai zhen) fits right in.

This church sits in the middle of a field. From the main entrance, it looks relatively small, but it’s actually pretty sizable.

In fact, the structure is used as an active Christian church as is famous as a setting for weddings.

Other than walking around the high-heel building itself, there isn’t much to see or do.

Heading back towards the main entrance, I spotted the letters LOVE which I thought stood out nicely against the gray rainy sky.

If you happen to try any of the seafood at Budai Harbor Fish Market, this attraction is in the same area. Unless you really like high-heels or want to experience some of Christianity in Taiwan, you can probably skip this tourist stop.

亞洲賞鳥博覽會 (High-Heel Wedding Church)