Wanting to get in some hiking while in Taiwan, one morning, we made our way to the eastern side of Taichung to check out the views at Dakeng (大坑 / da keng).

Dakeng is a large recreational area marked by forests and trails. There are 10 trails with difficulty levels ranging from one star (suitable for all) to three stars (challenging). We elected to walk trail 9 up and 10 back down.

The beginning of the hike had something akin to a traditional market with dozens of vendors selling produce and wares. Along the trail we saw some wild animals and dogs wandering about. Most of the trail we hiked was covered in forest, but there were some points when the sun was beating down on us.

When we reached the top of 9-1 we were greeted with this stunning view of the Taichung below.

Especially if the weather is overcast and you want to give hiking in Taiwan a try, I would recommend checking out Dakeng. Who knows, maybe even next time I’ll give trails 1-5 a try.

大坑 (Dakeng)