One of the ways which I keep track of where I’ve been is using services like Swarm and Yelp. Occasionally, I come across places that don’t have a listing and, in a rush, I’m not able to get the name of the place.

Here’s a random assemblage of food shots from Taichung with some commentary. If I’m able to get more specifics in the future, I’ll add location details at the end of this post. For now, enjoy!

Located near Fengchia Night Market is this sizzling plate place. Having been to Pepper Lunch USA in Milpitas, I was pleasantly surprised to be taken to a similar style restaurant. The taste was on point and like many places around the island, they have free soup and drinks (including milk tea) for you to enjoy with your meal.

Love getting teppanyaki!

This was a cute little neighborhood in the western part of the city.

We got these yummy dumplings there. It was the first time that I experienced the long potstickers.

This is Taiwan Boulevard (台灣大道 / tai wan da dao). It runs through the center of the city and features a variety of lanes specifically for busses. We took it to get lunch downstairs at City Hall.

Even on a hot day, hot pot is a nice way to enjoy a meal and cool down with the AC blasting. The hot pot at Karuisawa (輕井澤 / qing jing ze) is great. The decor is sophisticated, the price is nice, and they have a wide selection of sauces to choose from.

Pork steak!

Chicken rice (雞肉飯 / ji rou fan), so good!

Red Demon (赤鬼 / chi gui) is another fixture of the city with this beautiful location near Fengchia. The portions are huge and the meal is priced just right.

Here’s a meal from another hot pot place. This one was located closer to the intersection of Highway 1 and Taiwan Boulevard.

赤鬼炙燒牛排 逢甲店 (Akaoni - Fengchia)

輕井澤 (Karuisawa)