In the same shopping area as the main Zengji Mochi store, across the street from a beautiful sculpture park, is a shop specializing in all things honey. Honey Bee Town (蜂之鄉 / feng zhi xiang) has a variety of food and health-related products to buy ranging from beeswax to honey tea, and a kind of pound cake to honey soft serve (霜淇淋 / shuang qi lin).

Outside, you can order soft serve directly from a window.

The soft serve comes in three flavors: chocolate (巧克力 / qiao ke li), mixed (綜合 / zong he), and milk (牛奶 / niu nai). Each cup is topped with one of two different topping options: shortbread cookies (小蛋酥 / xiao dan su) or honeycomb (蜂巢 / feng chao).

As it was a hot summer day in Hualien, we elected to try the mixed flavor with honeycomb. Because we arrived a little later in the day, we were told that they didn’t have honeycomb for this dish. Instead we went with the more basic shortbread cookies instead.

The mixed soft serve with shortbread cookies was drizzled with honey. The dessert reminded me a lot of a Wendy’s Frosty in that the overall taste was that of chocolate milk and the consistency was a little icy. Still, I enjoyed it a lot. The honey and cookies were a nice additional touch to the ice cream. Still curious about how honeycomb tastes. Will just have to give it a try another time.

蜂之鄉 (Honey Bee Town)