Visiting Vancouver, one big thing I wanted to try—in addition to poutine, candied salmon, and everything maple syrup—was Canadian breakfast. To satiate my craving, my friends took me to De Dutch Pannekoek House (a.k.a. De Dutch).

The interior was adorned with mildly Dutch decor. Nothing really special.

What was more interesting was the menu with an array of breakfast burritos, veggie burgers, breakfast platters, and pannekoeken (Dutch pancakes).

With the exclusion of pannekoeken, the menu offerings felt very much like what one would get at a Denny’s or International House of Pancakes, albeit a little healthier.

While waiting for our orders, I couldn’t help but notice the condiments on the table. Can’t say I’ve ever seen peanut butter packaged like this before. Too bad it wasn’t chunky, but still cool nonetheless!

We elected to get the Peach Melba + Whip Pannekoeken which is a pannekoeken with whipped cream, powdered sugar, peaches, and raspberry fruit topping. The Dutch pancake was very thin—slightly thicker than a crepe. Paired with the fruit topping it was a fun, albeit slightly sweet dish to eat.

On the more savory side, we also got the Canuck Toast (french toast with DeBakon and eggs). DeBakon is a pork cottage roll, quite similar to Canadian bacon (because I had to get something like Canadian bacon while in Canada). I wish I could says something tasted vastly different from what one might get in the States, but the flavor profile was pretty similar.

Whereas breakfast in other parts of the world, like Taiwan, are more distinct, I have to imagine that breakfast in Canada isn’t too different from breakfast in the United States. As a classic example of what people might eat in Canada, it just goes to show that culturally the United States are more similar than we sometimes give credit for.

Ever have breakfast before in Canada? What was your impression?

De Dutch Pannekoek House