Stopped by Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND) on the way to Taiwan. It was everything I thought a Japanese airport would be and more. It was clean, cute, and cold (outside).

If you have a layover here and have some time to kill, I highly recommend exploring the public area of the international terminal. The 4th and 5th floor, EDO KO-JI and TOKYO POP respectively, have a lot of cool shops to check out. The 5th floor also has a cool observation deck.

Here’s some photos I took around the airport:

There’s a fun little bridge that connects to the EDO KO-JI.

The ikebana here was stunning.

Wishes were hung on the wall as I passed through.

Here’s the view from the observation deck.

This was a display welcoming travelers to Japan.

Love the lights!

The EDO KO-JI has shops that are arranged to look like a small town. It was fun and intimate.

One day, I’ll check out more of Japan, but for now, this will have to do. Until next time we meet,さようなら!