In the north-western part of Taichung City sits one of the largest night markets in Taiwan, Fengchia Night Market (逢甲夜市 / feng jia ye shi). It takes its name from the nearby Fengchia University and spans dozens of blocks.

As parking is pretty hard to come by, each time I’ve visited has been by bus. You know you’re on the right bus when the vehicle is filled with excited college-aged people. The bus drops market-goers in the middle of the action on Fuxing Road (福星路 / fu xing lu). Going north from city hall, most of the times I get off at Wenhua Road (文華路 / wen hua lu).

Here, you’re greeted by a sign over the road declaring that you’ve made it to the Fengchia Night Market. Walk in and you’ll find a sprinkling of food stalls. It’s mostly storefront after storefront in the beginning, blasting music, peddling the latest fashion. After passing these stores, though, you’ll find more night market stands.

The night market consists of numerous blocks and buildings, each with their own unique sensibilities. Fuxing Road seems to be the main artery that people can walk up and down, albeit carefully, to get to the various sections of the night market. This street also has some pretty fancy eateries on it.

The side roads contain the smaller night market stalls, clothing, and accessories.

Spread out in between, you’ll find larger buildings, like malls that you can enter. These malls are filled with even more clothes stores, restaurants, and games.

Trying my hand at shooting balloons with a bow and arrow.

Here is just a sampling of the many things I’ve eaten at Fengchia Night Market:

Red bean cake (紅豆餅 / hong dou bing) from Yizhong Street Stall (一中街 / yi zhong jie). They also have butter (奶油 / nai you) and radish (菜脯 / cai pu) flavor.

Deep fried squid, yummm. They’re normally displayed whole then cut up for you on the spot. This one was from Outstanding Fish Boat (魚尤魚船 / yu you yu chuan).


Banana crepe from Banana Brother (香蕉哥 / xiang jiao ge)

Corn and bacon mashed potatoes from Dody Duke (馬鈴薯專門店 / ma ling shu zhuan med dian)

Takoyaki from ばくだん燒 (Bakudan Yaki)

Here’s a video I took of them making the huge takoyaki.

Egg puffs from 空包蛋雞蛋伃 (kong bao dan ji dan yu).

The special green drink from Diagon Alley

Here’s a video of it after it was shaken:

Went to Fengjia Night Market once more. Here are a few more snapshots.

So many neon signs!

Curious how pineapple with fresh milk would taste.

Thought this character was cute.

Yet another claw machine shop.

Never been to this part of the market. It’s located more east and south of the main intersection.

Decided to snack on some sweet, sour, and spicy chicken with cheese.

Here’s the box.

The contents look kind of like what’s on the box. It definitely tasted better than it looks.

Our last stop of the night was a small shack to enjoy stinky tofu (臭豆腐 / chou dou fu). Unlike the stinky tofu I got in Kenting, this one was more plain in appearance. The pickled vegetables and sauce really made this dish work.

What are you excited to experience most at Fengchia Night Market?

逢甲夜市 (Fengchia Night Market)