As a self-proclaimed lover of donuts (or doughnuts) (甜甜圈  tian tian quan), I enjoy trying them wherever I go. When I heard that Mister Donut had a particularly delicious mochi doughnut, I knew I had to give it a try.

Luckily in Taiwan, Mister Donuts are almost as ubiquitous as 7-Elevens.

When I went to my first Mister Donut, the display was not that much different from most other bakeries. Perhaps the display was a litter nicer than what I would expect in the US.

They have a variety of donuts and pastries. Many of their donuts are designed to look like cute animals or mascots of whatever holiday is being celebrated.

The stars of the shop, of course, are the mochi donuts. Mochi donuts are doughnuts made with sweet rice flour. The result is a slightly chewy texture that will have you wanting more. Mister Donut’s doughnuts are designed in such a way that you can slowly eat the donut, section by section (there are eight round segments in total to piece away).

I’ve been many times. My favorite, so far have been the seasonal orange flavors. I also enjoy the double chocolate (chocolate mochi donut dipped in chocolate).

The Pon De Kinako is also pretty amazing.

Here are some more photos from various shops:

Compared to other mochi donuts that I’ve tried in the US, Mister Donut continues to reign supreme with their light complimentary flavor and amazing presence.

Mister Donut also has regular donuts that I tried once. They’re good, but when you have the chewy, QQ texture of the mochi donuts, why would you get a “normal” donut?

Do you know of any other mochi donut places I should try? Would love to hear!