I had the chance to spend Christmas time in Taiwan. Christmas (聖誕 / sheng dan) in Taiwan is interesting as it’s hardly celebrated (the Christian population is only 3.9%). On the flip side, Christmas is oddly everywhere, as it is an opportunity for many businesses to market their products through the lens of, a mostly Western/cool holiday.

Around Taiwan, many Christmas decorations were relegated to holiday displays of cute animals and mascots dressed up.

It was pretty rare to come across anything that looked like Santa, though his signature hat was more common.

Elsewhere, Poinsettia are good reminders that it’s the holiday season.

Scarves and snow gear, on an island that rarely gets snow, is another reminder of Christmas.

Finally I found a Santa. It was definitely harder to find one than I thought it would be with so many other references to the holiday season scattered about.

What do you find most interesting about this all?