Knowing that I enjoyed very dark chocolate, I was taken to downtown Taichung to check out and old ophthalmic hospital, Miyahara (宮原眼科 / gong yuan yan ke). Long gone are the days of checking out people’s eyes though. This building has since been converted into an ice cream shop and chocolatier.

Miyahara features dozens of creative flavors, many of which are chocolate based. I tried one of their sundaes with their darkest chocolate (95% or something like that). It basically tasted as bitter as one would expect. It was good overall though and I enjoyed the experience of trying this very dark chocolate ice cream.

The rest of the sundae was fun and quite good including the butterfly cookie and pineapple cake.

The main shop has towering decor reminiscent of Harry Potter. Here you can check out a variety of different chocolates packaged quite elegantly. They also sell cakes in various vintage, stylish packaging.

If you ever find yourself in Taichung, be sure to stop by Miyahara for a treat sure to delight.

宮原眼科 (Miyahara Ice Cream)