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Stopping by the Totoro Bus Stop

On the way back up to Taichung from Tainan, I stopped by what has been called “Danei Totoro Bus Stop” (大內龍貓公車站 / da nei long mao gong che zhan) It’s a slight detour on the 3, between Tainan and Chiayi….

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A World Apart, But Still Familiar

In another post, I explored some contrasts between US and Taiwan culture. While there are differences, there are a lot of reminders of how prevalent western culture still is. Here are some of my observations: The really popular mobile games…

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Mascot Love

With so many brands competing for attention in Taiwan, logos often take the back seat to adorable mascots (吉祥物 / ji xiang wu). It’s hard to walk around without seeing a mascot emblazoned over windows, walls, and street signage—each, gently…

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