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How to Buy Things in Taiwan

If you needed to buy a new shirt, you probably would know how to go about that process. Even if you shopped online, you would probably understand any deals and the number of articles of clothing you would be getting….

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Exploring the Grand Canyon of Taiwan

On the east coast of Taiwan sits a sleeping giant, Taroko Gorge (太魯閣 / tai lu ge). Taroko Gorge is an almost 12 mile long (19 kilometer) canyon with a river that spills out into the Pacific Ocean. Because of…

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Getting My Cold Noodle Fix in Downtown Chiayi

Given the choice between a warm or cold dish of the same kind, I will often default to wanting the cold version. I also love eating different types of noodles. It’s no surprise, consequently, that I love Taiwanese sesame paste…

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What Happens in Taiwan When Malls Open

Most of the time, I don’t wake up early enough to catch stores opening. Each time I have woken up early enough to be one of the first to enter large stores, I’ve noticed a big difference from the US….

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A $400 Mistake in Jiufen

Traveling in Taiwan, I’m lucky to have Mandarin speakers around me. If it was just me exploring the island, I’m not sure that I would have seen all the things I have so far. I’m grateful for this. That said…

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