In another post, I explored some contrasts between US and Taiwan culture. While there are differences, there are a lot of reminders of how prevalent western culture still is. Here are some of my observations:

The really popular mobile games in the US are also popular in Taiwan. Most notably, I came across a Candy Crush-themed candy store in Jiufen (九份 / jiu fen) and a sign declaring the hazards of Pokemon Go near Sun Moon Lake (日月潭 / ri yue tan).

Even in a steak restaurant, you’ll find A1 Sauce. Although in this case, the sauce is also called 紅人 (hong ren) or red person.

What would your bathroom experience be without cute Disney characters?

Just a small neighborhood park consisting of neatly planted rows of flowers.

Here’s a clothing store with trendy designs.

Speaking of designs, this one mentioned a lot of familiar “American” places.

Barbie, dressed up in Taiwanese, first-people attire.

The Duracell Battery Bunny looks familiar, but different, no? Maybe it’s that he’s lacking his shades or his smaller frame.

I wonder if the steaks taste any different here.

Can’t escape the Quaker Oats guy…

Nor can you be without McDonald’s.

Are any of these observations surprising?