Knowing how much Taiwan loves Japanese culture, I wanted to give their tonkatsu (吉列豬排 / ji lie zhu pai) a try. We went to a katsu place in Taipei called… Tonkatsu (品田牧場 / pin tian mu chang).

The restaurant, located upstairs, was fairly busy at the time. Still, we were quickly seated and given menus.

We ordered a more traditional tonkatsu dish and a dish that made the katsu look like little pieces of nigiri sushi.

After we put in our order, we were given these bowls with sesame seeds in it. You have to move the pestle around in the mortar to crush the seeds. The taste with the tonkatsu sauce blended in, is something that I wish more places had stateside.

Here is a salad with yogurt dressing. So good!


We also got miso soup as a side with a little naruto in it.

This is the dish made to look like nigiri sushi. Each piece was a little different. All of them were great. Perfect for two big bites each.

Overall, I was quite pleased with our pick. If you’re in the area, don’t forget to drop by for great service and wonderful flavor.

品田牧場 (Tonkatsu)