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What a Small Comic-Con Looks Like in Taipei

If you’ve followed me along on my journey, collecting new experiences, you probably know how big a fan I am of tea. What you might not know is how much I love going to comic-book, anime, and gaming conventions. Since…

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My List of the Top 15 Things to do in Hualien

Hualien County is one of the largest counties in Taiwan. Due to the terrain though, Hualien has one of the smallest populations. Nature is never far away and the culture, here, is much very attune to that. At the heart…

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Uncovering Board Game Culture in Taiwan

As tabletop games (桌遊 / zhuo you) are a pretty big deal to me, I’m always on the lookout to see how board gaming looks through the lens of various places I travel to. I recently wrote about some of…

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Making Waves Across Taiwan: Claw Machines

Wandering around the streets of Taiwan, you don’t have to walk very far before you find a bubble tea shop. Like Starbucks in the United States, they’re everywhere. Recently, claw machine (抓物機 / zhua wu ji) shops have been popping…

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What it Feels Like to be a Gamer in Taiwan

In eSports (電子競技 / dian zi jing ji), many Asian countries remain supreme. It wasn’t a surprise, thus, to see gaming references scattered around Taiwan. I wasn’t prepared for the volume though. Where gaming references and advertisements are largely focused…

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